Our goal is to make sure that every subscription box has had the love and care poured into their box.


The BARiBOX Studio

Welcome to BARiBOX, a Florida-based subscription service that specializes in paper-crafting products. Discover, create, learn and share.

BARiBOX was created with the labor of love. Founded in 2013, by a paper crafter herself.

There are so many really neat products out on the market and really cool companies to share, BARiBOX wants to open those doors to everyone.

Working with a wide range of brands across all mediums, we pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail and the unique process we bring to each and every one of our subscription boxes. We understand the importance of our relationships with our subscribers and are committed to delivering the ultimate product filled boxes possible. We are driven by passion and we are committed to excellence.

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The founder of BARiBOX, was always curious about Leonardo da Vinci because he was such remarkable man. He was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. Can you also say GENIUS! Looking at list of his accomplishments you can see he was a very creative person.

So the search began for BARiBOX around a man who was inspirational to many people to this day. Maria knew her subscription service needed a name that would to be catchy, inspire and empower creativity. She decided to look into the places Leonardo da Vinci would go to create, places that would inspire him to be his best since that is what BARiBOX is suppose to do for the subscriber. In her search she came across Bari, Italy. As a result, BARiBOX was formed and the rest is history.

BARiBOX aspirations are to inspire you as Bari, Italy did for Leonardo da Vinci. Now go get creative!


Each month, you’ll receive a selection of paper-crafting products that we’ve carefully curated for you to use. We buy our products from both well-known brands and emerging companies. The subscription includes everything from paper, adhesives, ribbon, embellishments, stickers, stamps, as well as fun useful creative tools.


We are always interested in top talent. If you are a designer or a blogger please send us over samples of your work. To inquire email us at jobs {at} baribox.com, subject line should reflect the position you are inquiring about.
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The Opportunities

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Telephone: (727) 939-9472
Email: hello@baribox.com
Website: www.baribox.com

Press enquiries

Send your press request to hello@baribox.com
Subject line: PRESS ENQUIRES
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You know all about us now, but you
still have more questions check out our F.A.Q’s

Or subscribe and start getting your BARiBOX subscription. Don’t be left out!

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